Buying The Right Bathroom Vanity Unit

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One of the most important, or perhaps the most important decision you will need to make when re-designing or renovating your bathroom, is deciding upon the type/style of bathroom vanity unit that you are going to be fitting in it. There are a handful of options that you will have to choose between, and it will much depend on the size of your bathroom and who you will be sharing it with that will likely be the main factor guiding you to the choice to end up making.

If you are going to be sharing the bathroom with your partner or maybe your entire family or house mates then it will certainly make the larger units that offer space for two basins more desirable. If this is the case, then you will need to take care in measuring up the size of your bathroom and remember to account for the space you will need to save for the toilet and bath/shower (if they have not been fitted already). The Double Basin Vanity Units can be quite large both in terms of depth and length, so for the average home bathroom they tend to be bit too big, as they will end up taking up too much space. Another important factor in this decision making process is whether you need something that offers storage space or not? If you are someone that likes stocking up on your toiletries, and having spare toothpaste, toilet paper, shampoos, mouth wash etc., then you should probably go for a vanity unit that will provide you with the much needed storage space. These units tend to be the free-standing types of vanities, although you can also get wall hung vanity units that offer the same type of space – just make sure the wall you will be hanging it on is a solid and able to bare a considerable amount of weight.

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If you do not have much clutter in your bathroom and don’t plan to stock up on the various toiletries like mentioned above, then you will probably be best suited to opt for a pedestal type of bathroom vanity unit; these are also often called free standing units and the right one can add a strong elegant look to your newly fitted bathroom. Make sure that whatever choice you make is going to fit in well with the other bathroom furniture items you have already purchased and fitted, or are planning on purchasing soon. One last thing that you should be thinking about, especially for those of you that have very limited space, is the idea/option of investing in a corner vanity unit & basin. The right corner vanity unit will fit nice and snug into a space in your bathroom that would otherwise go unused and be wasted.

I hope this helps to get the ball rolling and gets you thinking along the right tracks when you come to renovating your own bathroom, helping you to avoid a situation of wasting much time, effort & money.