Discover the World of the Japanese Toilet

Japanese Toilet

There are only a brave few who go ahead and try every feature of the Japanese toilet, and also few who enjoy a visit to the toilet like anyone else. These artifacts, that have come from the future to make our moments of peace a little bit more pleasant, have a wide range of features that one cannot or should not miss, and must try.

You can start managing them without even having to touch them by timing them, preparing it to be warm when you just wake up or to be cold in case you come heated from work. You can also control it with a remote control. In case you are someone who tends to be visiting the toilet in the night time, the Japanese type has a night light. Air conditioning for summer time, so you will not need to suffer melting ever again. The amazing Japanese toilet has a noisemaker that will emit any sound you like to isolate you when you are doing your necessities. If its winter and its cold, don’t hesitate to use the warm air dry that will keep you warm.

Japanese Toilet Features

Once we have done what we came to do, there are many ways of cleaning, washing, clearing and whatever you want with the magic Japanese toilet. There is a jet which has a water pressure control that is adjustable below the toilet seat to spray your bottom, no more swipe. Of course, this water temperature is also adjustable. Try the turbo wash mode and experience what it is to have a real thorough cleaning. There is also a mode with soap if you are even more hygienic.  After all this intense cleaning we come to the best part of the ritual in a Japanese toilet, a massage cleaning with a pulsating and/or vibrating spray. Let your sensations flow with this massage after the effort has been made.

Did you think we were done already? Well, no not with the Japanese toilet. It has an air deodorizer for the bad smells we cannot avoid making. The lid is an automatically closed type, just in case you if you forgot to close it, so no more fights with your other half. And the cherry on the cake, it cleans itself so you don’t have to do the job no one like to do anymore.