Heated Bathroom Flooring Makes a Huge Difference

heated bathroom floor

For anyone that is currently planning, starting or working through a bathroom renovation, I wanted to make sure that you are all clear about one specific thing that recently dawned on me; after a thoroughly comfortable and enjoyable couple of nights during a recent stay at a fairly high-end hotel, I noticed when walking out of the shower that the floor tiles of the bathroom where in fact warm, actually just warm enough for me to get maximum pleasure from this touch of luxury, but not too warm for me to start worrying about the skin on my feet being harmed and in a way – cooked. This was during a stay in the South of Argentina, visiting Patagonia, so the outside was impressively cold, which made this unexpected touch of luxury and the warm sensation an experience that I felt very grateful for and to say the least I was very satisfied with the hotel in general.

The experience I had brought me to the realization that under floor/under tile heating was a real game changer in respect of what I would desire in my ideal bathroom, and what I regarded as necessary bathroom facilities; I now have the opinion that all UK bathrooms should be fitted with heating beneath the flooring or bathroom tiling due to the long and aggressive winter months. Having heating beneath the flooring in the bathrooms across the UK would make the winter bathing experience less daunting and more acceptable for many, so this would lead to a nation of cleaner people J – I feel this is more than a valid enough reason for this bathroom function to be added to the list of essentials that all bathrooms need to adhere to in order to be deemed a being ‘fit for use’ Perhaps this could even be a movement that the Government in the UK could and should be backing; providing bathroom renovation grants to all and any UK homeowners wanting/needing to replace their current bathroom flooring or tiling with a system that will provide the under floor heating.

Food for thought hey! What do you all think about this idea?