Make The Most of Your Bath Time With A Few Added Treats

bathroom decoration

After a long week at work there are not many things I enjoy more than a long hot soak in the bath, to wash away the weeks aches and pains and prepare myself for a nice relaxing weekend. It is important to treat yourself from time to time and when you have time, you should make a little effort to treat yourself during bathing. Too many people rush in and out of the bath and/or shower and in general, they never give themselves time to unwind and relax – ultimately this kind of lifestyle can end up in illness long feelings of stress and anxiety which is of course not good for ones wellbeing. So below I am offering some tips and suggestions for how you can create a perfect bathing experience for yourself or a loved one and enjoy a calming feeling of total relaxation.


It is important to set the mood with the right level of lighting – you don’t want it to be too bright in there, as this will prevent your mind from reaching a calm, sleepy state, it is also important however to be careful not to make it too dark as it can bring around a feeling of frustration when not being able to see further than a foot away. So, if you have a light dimmer switch, you can bring the lights down to a suitable level, otherwise you can go out and buy yourself some big candles that give off a good level of light, if you can find some scented candles then even better.

Essential Oils

If you have never tried using essential oils then you are missing out – they do actually have many uses; from therapeutic to medicinal, some to help you sleep better and others to awaken your senses. In this case I would advise getting yourself some lavender or chamomile 100% certified essential oils and you should also buy yourself a small oil burner and some tea light candles – you can then add water and a few drops of the essential oil into the oil burner, then enjoy the relaxing, stress relieving effects of the essential oil of your choice.


Bath Salts

To help soothe your body and rid yourself of any aches or pains you may have gained over the week, you should purchase some bath salts – I always find Radox bath salts to be a great option. Add the bath salts into the bath while it is running, so it mixes well and enjoy the deep soak and lovely aroma.


I would recommend preparing for the bath by finding some nice soothing music, you will be able to find all sorts of specialized music within Youtube – music that has specifically been designed for helping to relax the senses and promote a feeling of happiness and wellbeing. Find the right music that suits your taste and have it playing at a relatively low level – not so quiet that you cannot hear it, but not so loud that you cannot hear anything else.