Tiling Your Bathroom Walls Has Never Been So Much Fun

Have you ever come across 3-D bathroom wall tiles? Did you even know that they existed in this modern day and age? If you have and you did, then you are surely going to agree with me in that they are awesome! I was surprised by the concept and then pleasantly surprised to see how well it has been developed into real-life, practical spaces. Seeing how well the right style, colour, shape and material of bathroom wall tiling can add volume, character and life to a bathroom is totally refreshing. I am even going to go as far as to say that I am genuinely excited by the thought of renovating a bathroom, now that I have the option to incorporate some 3-D bathroom tiles into the design.

The 3-D wall tiles can add some texture and edginess to a bathroom and will certainly help to give the room a modern, contemporary look and feel, if that is what you are aiming for. There are of course many different styles, patterns and shapes to choose from, each bringing its own touch of the future to add to your home. When choosing and fitting the tiles into your own bathroom space you need to take time to consider the lighting within the bathroom you are tiling. The lighting becomes especially important when working with 3-D tiles because of the way the tiles and patterns within the tiles come to life with the support of light coming from various directions. It would defeat the point of fitting the modern, futuristic tiling if you failed to give thought to lighting and ended up with a bumpy surface that did not resemble anything but a bumpy surface upon touching it – due to one’s eyes not being able to see the contours in the tiles because of dull lighting in the room, or light coming from the opposite direction that it needs to be.

The 3-D bathroom wall tiles are not cheap, and can actually become vastly expensive, depending on which style and material you end up going for. So, if you are going to take step into the future and give your bathroom the modern touch that 3-D wall tiling can provide, then make sure you do it right. Alternatively and probably a wise decision, would be to go the extra mile and employ a professional to complete the job for you. If you are going to spend big on the tiling, then why not make sure you make the most of it.

Happy Tiling!