Which Toilet Will You Choose for Your Bathroom Renovation?

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While I have been considering this very question while planning my own bathroom renovation, I kind of opened up a can of worms for myself. Usually I would not give much thought to the actual toilet to be fitted in the bathroom, or would leave the decision up to someone else, but on this occasion I started thinking about the different choices that may now be available with all the modern technology so I decided to start looking around myself. Another thing that made me keener on getting involved with the decision making for the type and style of toilet to fit into the new bathroom is due to me becoming more conscious about the environment. Like most people these days, I care a lot about the wellbeing on the environment and about doing ‘my bit’ towards helping the world plan for a better tomorrow. I knew that there would be new modern designs of toilets that would save a lot more water than the traditional, common toilets that I have always been used to, I had heard people talking of new toilet and basin designs that would share the water; so used basin water would go into the toilet tank for example. Another funky new toilet design that I came across during my search, was a toilet & clothes washing machine combo – the used water from the washing machine gets recycled and added to the toilet tank, waiting flushing.

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Something else that I learned of recently was that the traditional height of toilets has always been a bit off in the west and it works against us when trying to go about our business while sitting down; the toilet sitting position should be lowered so that a person is in more of a squatting position when sitting on the toilet bowl. So in light of this new bit of information, I wanted to also see if I could find myself a design of toilet that would be a bit lower than I was used to, and I was pleased to find many different options. One design that really caught my eye, were the tankless toilet designs – they take up less space, use less water and offer a lower sitting height, while not losing any flushing power.

Take a look at the new designs and options yourself if you haven’t already, I am sure you will be quite surprised by what you see, as I was.