Do You Have Enough Storage Space in Your Bathroom?

storage space in bathroom

Something that many people seem to forget or overlook when re-designing or renovating their bathroom/bathrooms is that they need to, or they should consider what amount of space that they need for providing storage solutions for whatever toiletries, cleaning products, medicines, perfumes, cosmetics, towels and whatever else they tend to keep within the bathroom. It is important that you give this some good thought as it doesn’t make sense to go through all the time, effort and expense of redesigning your bathroom to finally find that you have nowhere, or not enough room for properly storing all the usual items that you would ideally like you have within the bathroom space. For some people it can actually require quite a substantial volume of space to offer room for everything, while others are more minimalistic and will not need much more than a small cabinet and perhaps a shelf or two for tooth brushes, shaving items and soaps.

Things that you should consider as storage solutions within your bathroom should/would usually be:

  • A wall hung cabinet, with or without a mirror – this type of bathroom unit would usually have a mirror fitted to the front and would offer storage space inside which is perfect for medicines, shaving items, perfumes and gels Etc. The mirror is also necessary for both men and women.
  • An over the basin shelf – the shelf over the basin is perfect for storing things you use daily and need easy access to. So this would be tooth brushes, tooth pastes, razors, ear buds, dental floss Etc.
  • A laundry basket – some people like to have their laundry basket stored within their bathroom, while others prefer to keep the laundry baskets in bedrooms – what type of person are you?
  • A bathroom vanity unit – The bathroom vanity unit with basin on top can also provide ample storage space within cupboards and some also are fitted with 1 or 2 or more drawers. Especially if you fit a double basin vanity unit into your bathroom, as these will (usually) come with a lot of storage space within them.
  • Oak or solid wood storage units – If you need extra space for towels or other items then you should invest in a storage unit that will offer extra cupboard and drawer storage space solutions.
  • Tall storage unit with shelving – If you have a lot of bathroom items to store and also perhaps photos/pictures and other decorative items that you want space for, then you should probably consider a tall storage cabinet with shelving on top.

If there is anything I have missed then please let me know, but I think I have covered pretty much all common bathroom storage solutions? If you want to get any of the above mentioned units then you can actually find all in one place at the Bathrooms and More Store website which is a highly recommended online bathroom and home furniture store.